George Mason University

Meetings 和 Events

We encourage all groups to hold gatherings virtually when possible.

If an in-person meeting is required, it muST be held in compliance with the guidance from Commonwealth of Virginia Executive Orders 和 Centers for Disease Control 和 Prevention guidance.

The number of participants and the size 和 configuration of the room must allow for physical diSTancing. The length of the meeting could be limited by the STage in which Mason is currently operating.

Meeting participants must wear face coverings, 和 the meeting should only laST as long as needed to meet its objectives.  

All scheduled events, both those internal to Mason 和 those held by outside groups held on Mason campuses, have been cancelled through AuguST 8, 2020.

You can request an exception after the event is regiSTered in 25live每 University Policy 1103. Events Management representatives can submit requeSTs for exceptions to the Events Exceptions working group.

This group will assess 和 approve events until Mason returns to normal operations.

University Events has established guidelines for hoSTing a virtual event. 英文版(pdf)

When campus reopens, for on-campus events 和 meetings:

  • Events are limited to 50 percent occupancy of the space.
  • Events cannot exceed 150 participants (including organizers).
  • Space must be configured to ensure 6 feet of diSTance.
  • Events muST be seated.
  • Face coverings muST be worn.
  • Exits muST be configured to reduce bottlenecks when people leave.
  • Events/gatherings cannot be open to the general public.

We’re also requiring STudent organization event planners to take event management training.