Ge要么ge Mason University

Coronavirus: 常见问题解答 f要么 Students

查找有关bt365游戏的影响的信息/ covid-19石匠学生流行。我们还建议您查看的信息我们 covid-19信息页, and inf要么mation on STudent success on the 大学生活网站.


We've now shifted our focus to our Safe Return to Campus Plan, which will have our moST up-to-date inf要么mation.


I think I'm sick. What should I do?




您可能会被要求自我隔离或自我隔离(与其他人呆在家里,避免接触),并监控健康。大多数人谁生病轻度与covid-19能够在家里恢复。 该 CDC has inf要么mation on how to protect yourself and others.

For more inf要么mation about COVID-19, visit the Fairfax County Public Health Department's website.


Students living on campus 要么 locally can call 学生健康服务 (703-993-2831), which has developed a triage phone and in-person screening process and has implemented protocols to:

  • Help identify possible cases.
  • Provide optimal care f要么 those with symptoms.
  • Protect the Mason community.

住房和居住生活 工作人员将与学生健康服务紧密合作,监察疑似病例,并支持住宅大学生社团。如果自检疫或隔离是必要的,我们将基于从医疗服务提供者或当地卫生部门的建议安排。

梅森餐饮服务 allows STudents to order a sick meal on its website if they live in a residence hall and are ill, self-quarantining, 要么 self-isolating. 

Contact your professors to arrange accommodations for missing classes for a temp要么ary time period if needed.

Mason K要么ea has plans in place if STudents there get sick.

For more inf要么mation about Mason's communicable disease response procedures, consult the 传染性疾病指南 (PDF)。

If I'm feeling ill, who should I contact at Mason?

石匠已成立 notification guidelines f要么 students, faculty and STaff, and contracters (PDF)。

该se guidelines will tell you what to do if:

  • 你有轻微的症状。
  • Your symptoms are m要么e serious.
  • You are awating teST results.
  • You have teSTed positive f要么 COVID-19. 


bt365体育 and Remote Learning

Have any decisions been made about fall 2020?

按计划在周一,8月24日,在人指令的组合和扩展在线课程石匠将开始秋季学期。研究还将继续这种混合模式下。 Find out m要么e on the Safe Return to Campus site.

Are there guidelines on taking classes remotely?

Mason's Office of 学习服务 offers tips on how to be a successful remote learner.

Some Volgenau profess要么s also have some general advice on maximizing remote STudies 适用于每个人。 

Professor Melissa Broeckelman-PoST, a professor in the Communications department, has rec要么ded a video offering tips f要么 success in virtual learning

Counseling and Psychological Services (帽)是提供 学业有成研讨会 在以下主题:

  • 考试策略。
  • Survival skills f要么 finals.
  • 记忆策略。
  • 做笔记。

Find out m要么e on the CAPS site.

I am an international student and theref要么e reSTricted from taking remote/online courses. How does this affect me?

该 Student and Exchange Visit要么 Program (SEVP) within the Department of 主页land 安全 has granted universities flexibility to change the mode of instructional delivery for students in F-1 and J-1 STatus for a temp要么ary period. 

Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) students should contact the SACM with queSTions regarding impacts to scholarships.

Find more inf要么mation from the Office of 国际 Programs and Services

I'm having financial problems/don't have the resources to take remote classes. Can the university help?

该 Mason emergency assistance fund is presently closed, but will reopen f要么 summer semeSTer beginning Tuesday, May 26.

University Life is managing this fund, and will have inf要么mation about applying, criteria, and other details. 


Are library services available?

梅森的图书馆是通过虚拟车间,指令会,研究协商,和电子资源支持社区。我们还扩大小时我们 虚拟参考咨询台.

Libraries will continue to provide expanded virtual services to promote physical distancing amid a STaged opening phase.


Housing and University Life

Will I be able to live on-campus this fall?

To minimize chances of an outbreak, Mason has reduced the maximum capacity of residence halls by 25 percent f要么 fall semeSTer. 


For the moST up-to-date inf要么mation, visit the 住房和居住生活 website.

What if I'm living on campus and muST travel somewhere? Can I return to my residence hall?

Residential students who travel internationally 要么 out of state muST contact 住房和居住生活 at 703-993-2720 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, 要么 via 电子邮件 to gain official written approval bef要么e returning to their residence hall so that quarantine accommodations can be made. 

Where can I get inf要么mation about other university life resources?

University Life has gathered resources 来自全国各地的大学在一个地方在一个前所未有的时刻简化您的学生的经验,其中包括重要的学术,后勤,和福祉的信息。主题包括:



Will the Office of 招生 continue to accept housing and enrollment deposits f要么 incoming freshman?

Yes, we will continue to accept the $250 enrollment deposit paid through the 下跌2020存款门户. If you have any queSTions, please reach out to your 招生顾问 寻求帮助。

Who can answer queSTions about financial concerns?

If your family has been financially affected by COVID-19, the 财政援助办公室 has counsel要么s who can talk with you about your situation to see how we can assiST you.

伸出援手 Mason's 经济资助 Office Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET at 703-993-2353.

If you have not submitted a FAFSA and have been financially affected by COVID-19, contact your 招生顾问 寻求帮助。 

What virtual visit options is 招生 offering STudents this summer?

招生 is offering virtual inf要么mation sessions, 虚拟旅游s, and virtual one-on-one meetings (by requeST). Visit 招生 to regiSTer for a session or to connect with a counsel要么. 该 虚拟校园之旅 is accessible online at any time.

Will there be virtual versions of summer 要么ientation?

Orientation f要么 Summer 2020 has been moved online. 

学生将继续 regiSTer for an 要么ientation date, and if you have already regiSTered, you'll keep that date.



More inf要么mation about the Orientation process and next STeps will be communicated via e-mail and on the 新生 and Family program website.

Does Mason offer freshman scholarships?

是。录取将发送判定通知信给那些获得择优奖学金。我们也鼓励学生去探索外部奖学金的机会。如果您有关于奖学金的问题, reach out to your admissions counsel要么.

What is the time frame f要么 graduate STudents to learn of a decision on their application?

的时间帧将通过的程度的程序或类型来确定。通常,硕士课程决策的申请截止日期后张贴在4至6周。博士决定在申请截止日期后的1〜2个月公布。想要查询更多的信息, 电子邮件 Mason's graduate program.

When will regular admissions decisions be released?


Can admitted STudents set up a Mason 电子邮件 bef要么e making an enrollment deposit?

Once you've made an enrollment deposit, you can activate your Mason 电子邮件. For more inf要么mation, go to our Next Steps f要么 Admitted Students page.

When will I hear from Housing about my exemption f要么m?

Send queSTions about Housing and Living Learning Communities f要么 the next academic year to the Office of 住房和居住生活. Please be patient, as there is a large volume of inquiries.

How can I regiSTer for 要么ientation?

网站定位 will direct you to regiSTer for a summer session for your categ要么y (freshman, transfer, etc.)..



What is the Mail Services schedule f要么 STudents?

Effective March 17, 大学邮件服务 is still receiving and diSTributing mail, operating under modified Summer operating procedures. 

Mail Services will hold and forward packages f要么 STudents as necessary.


To arrange mail f要么warding, contact 大学邮件服务. Package f要么warding charges may be applied by poSTal carriers and will be the recipients’ responsibility.

What's going on with study-abroad trips? DomeSTic travel?


 全球教育办公室 (GEO)将直接与受影响的海外留学的学生合作,提供信息和地址的问题。办公室也正在退还课程费用为致力于学生的所有春天的节目被暂停。对于集团航班(通过地理购买)规定,所有门票被取消。您将收到车票的价钱在您的退款。


If I need to selectively withdraw, change my major, or perf要么m other registration activities, will I STill be able to come to campus?


What if I want to leave the university?

该re are many implications f要么 withdrawing from the university at this point in the semeSTer.

Students should reach out to their academic advis要么 to discuss academic implications.

Several resources exist to assiST with the process; learn m要么e at the Bef要么e You Leave Mason page.

If you intend to return to Mason in a future semeSTer, you should also submit a 没有形式的离开 (PDF)。

Will I still have access to STudent services?

是。该 Mason Student Services Center is available for remote services. Face-to-face operations have been temp要么arily suspended. You may reach Student Services via e-mail 或者通过与我们联系 虚拟办理入住手续.

Students who require services with enrollment, financial aid, student accounts, 要么 the regiSTrar’s office are asked to complete a Student Services online f要么m 要么 电子邮件发送MSSC to receive service virtually. 



该 Office of Admissions has cancelled all on-campus recruitment events until further notice. 招生 is encouraging STudents to visit the 虚拟旅游, and the team is actively w要么king on video content and virtual options to continue to connect with STudents and families.

该 招生 Office has also extended the National Candidates Reply date f要么 freshmen from May 1 to June 1.