The Reason Why Cossy Orjiakor Posts Explicit Photos On Twitter…

The exhibitionist behavior helps the individual deal with feelings of inadequacy, insecurity, pain, self-esteem struggles, and/or underlying mental health issues.



Exhibitionism is a perversion, the act of exposing in a public or semi-public context those parts of one’s body that are not normally exposed – specifically the genitals or buttocks of a man or woman, or the breasts of a woman. The practice may arise from a desire or compulsion to expose themselves in such a manner to groups of friends or acquaintances, or to strangers for their amusement or sexual satisfaction or to shock the bystander. The exhibitionist gains some sort of satisfaction from the effect their picture causes - shock value.

It would be harmless if you do it for your partner which a lot of people do, then it’s still just a fetish or a sexual kink one likes but when it’s open to the general public, then one has a distinct mental problem.

They often experience internal psychological frustrations or tension and the act of exposing themselves helps alleviate these feelings. Some fantasize that their flashing will produce a sexualized response from the observer. Often, they seek a specific type of response, such as surprise, shock, disgust, or anger to help fill the sexual and/or psychological void within themselves. This response can elicit sexualized feelings and arousal that may lead some to masturbate afterward. If a person offers a different response than what was internally desired (ignoring them, ridicule, laughter), the exhibitionist may feel rejected, angered or humiliated. This could further exacerbate the psychological difficulties they may be dealing with and lead them to continue their exhibitionism in attempts to deal with their frustrations.

This in turn makes her delve even further into depravity. If you think about it really, the pictures are progressive, she started out with risqué tweets, then sexy photos, and how not graduated to full exposure in sexual positions, with time, who knows where it’ll escalate to? Maybe full on nudity or amateur porn videos. Please seek help Cossy, my heart goes out to you.


bb cos nuiy nuy cossy



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  1. olabanga says:

    nice prophesy

  2. dadaboye says:

    please pray over bad messages to avert it

  3. Injo says:

    Dis lady needs a hug… love in her life, simple!

  4. ugo says:

    Beloved Sister we love you.However God loves you more.Remember your body is God's tabernacle.P

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