The Real Story Of The Killed PortHarcourt 4, Aluu Community….So Far!

When this story broke, the news was that from the University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)  four students named Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka were roughly beaten and then burnt alive by indigenes of ALUU community for allegedly stealing cell phones and laptops in an off campus hostel.

The whole country went agog with the news. The pictures and videos of the despicable crime went viral. Different stories began to surface, one of them went thus:

 That one of the victims actually went to collect the money owed to him by a friend and somehow, during the course of collecting the money, an argument ensued. The debtor then raised a false alarm alerting the indigenes of the community to come to his rescue, and sadly, there had been reports of incessant thefts/robbery in that community. And so the boys were rounded-up, taken to the chief’s and even though they pleaded their innocence, were then stripped, paraded as robbers, beaten and subsequently burned to death.

After that story, the chiefs and elders of the community who vetoed the attack on the boys were rounded up for questioning and full on investigation has begun to get to the real story behind the barbaric, hair-raising and blood-curdling act. It has been reported that the Chief of Aluu community has been arrested and is in police custody. This was confirmed by the of Rivers State Commissioner of Police. There are also reports that at least 12 others have been arrested and more arrests will be made in the coming days. The students of the school have also gone on a rampage and are destroying things and setting them on fire. I have also heard that there have been some violent attacks on the villagers as well. Jeez! This has spiraled out of control.

Students and Journalists alike have begun to delve deeper on their own to uncover the true story and these are some of the opinions and investigative reports culled from the Latest Nigerian University and Polytechnic News, word for word:

Anderson Ezekiel Hart
As a journalist I went on an investigative journalism and my findings was that the guys are not thieves but cultist on a mission to kill the leader of their cult group. These guys are from rich homes, two of them move on jeeps. They were incensed by the overbearing attitude of their cult leader and decided to topple him. Not knowing that the place was in the radar by some resolute vigilante boys following persistent handset theft and rape, five of them embarked on a journey around 3am with their axe and knife on hand trying to gain entry into their targets abode. The target who is their cult leader was however sensitive enough to notice their presence and started screaming – ‘thief, thief’ which attracted the attention of the vigilante who rounded them off. One out of the five cult guys escaped albeit with a gunshot wound he sustained from the vigilante while trying to escape. It was this 5th cult guy that escaped but later died in Agip that narrated the ordeal before he died that gave us the tip that they were set up as thieves instead of an equally bad CULTIST. The things they claim was stolen was never found on them and perhaps some persons wanted them dead all their confessions were waved. I agree Cultism itself is a social problem, but to take a life on the guise of what he did not do is injustice. Perhaps it’s God’s way of giving the cult leader another chance to renounce an embrace God, who knows he would have been the one dead had he not employed the false accusation alarm. I think all relevant investigative agencies should come into this matter especially why some group of persons should defy police order to hand over a criminal. Don’t get me wrong, for attempting to take a soul they deserve to be paid in their coin but this should be done within the arm bit of the law not unsubstantiated accusations and taken laws into our hand in the name of vigilante. One of the major militia groups in Rivers state started with a vigilante and we will not want a repetition of that. THANKS!

Some students had this to say:

Nekii Deedee Kosa:I’m a student of uniport,and if you have an iota of idea what students and the locals of Aluu community experience in the hands of robbers on a daily basis, even in broad day light, then you will not be quick to judge the perpetrators of this act. My classmate was killed month’s ago in this same community on his way to his room,by a group of guys who wanted his phone. He wouldn’t oblige and he was murdered in cold blood. What did the police do? Nothing. Did you hear of it? Of course not,cause nobody put it up on Facebook?

On two different occasions,my female friends,were abused and robbed on their way to their off campus rooms after school, at about 8pm. What did the police do? Did you hear about that? I personally came back from school one day and everything in my room was gone! My refrigerator,laptop,tv,everything! That was the day i made a resolve never to stay off campus for the rest of my stay in school. I took what was left of my properties straight to the campus hostel. I didn’t even bother reporting nothing to no police cause i knew it would be useless. Numerous and i mean numerous of such crimes happen in Aluu on a DAILY basis. These people have cried to the govt and yet nothing is done. Police,police everyday,yet a criminal is never caught. So what do you expect? I’m in no support of this evil killing of these young men,don’t misunderstand me,but maybe this cruel vigilante system is the only way these people have deemed fit to protect themselves. It reminds me of the”bakassi boys” of the eastern communities of the old. This is an outcry to the government. They should expect much more of such dastardly acts. If they won’t protect the people,the people will protect themselves.

AMAKA: Aluu enjoys stoning and burning people to death. I’m from Rivers state and I have always heard of their cruelty when they themselves are robbers and kidnappers. Some time ago they almost lynched a hungry widow for stealing an onion in the market. They derive joy in killing. I pity those from that land or anyone that intends to marry from there.


Uniport 4….



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28 Responses to “The Real Story Of The Killed PortHarcourt 4, Aluu Community….So Far!”

  1. Candy.. says:

    See me see wahala o…so the killers became killed? What a terrible story if true..I commend the writer

  2. westribosky says:

    Dis is very bad I watched d video on sunday and I was so scared… Hope d people involve re caught and burnt also.

  3. Fred says:

    Hmmm only God knows the truth but 2 me this guys look innocent and responsible.

  4. darlington says:

    If men were God,,,,dis ppl ® inhumane,damn nufin is ever gonna taKe me2 dattw coS ryt naw I feel evry1 ova dere ® murdererz,rip Niggaz

  5. Nina says:

    I'm sorry but these boys weren't cultists on a mission to kill a cult leader. They went to collect a debt owed to them. Let's say for the sake of argument they WERE cultists, who has the right to single handedly mutilise and murder another human. On Sunday, these same people would go to church and ask God for prosperity, and long life. I can't help thinking how our Lord Jesus Christ was abused, paraded and nailed to the cross to die for our sins. Nigeria has become something. Brother killling brother, man killing man. We celebrated 52 years of independence from our white colonial masters. Oh how they would be laughing at us right now. Nigeria is lost. So sad.

  6. oyekemi says:

    This Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ so pathetic and melancholic.What a wicked community.Only God will judge.May their souls RIP.Amen

  7. tomi says:

    I cried watching this.What a wicked world.​​How people would do that to fellow humans is totally beyond me.I wonder how these guys parents will get over this trauma.God help them.They deserve justice.RIP guys.

  8. Viktor says:

    Big ups mimiy, this sounds reader than the other tales I've been hearing…all the same they did not deserve what the aluu community meted out on them…its a cruel world.

  9. tony says:

    its so not good…this is also wat happens when illitrates re appointed to lead a community..he should’ve handed the boys over to the police…

  10. anonymous says:

    The publisher is a fucking fucked bitch….. She doesn’t have nothing to wright….. Those guys are rich enough to pay any assasin to murder their so called head of cult if they wanna…. They too big a boy to do that…. Moreover 1 of them just got addmited into year 1….. Please publish something that makes sence b4 u spoil ur fucking career with ur brief head….ugly boys kill fine boys… And they are talking nonsense…… Mtchew….

  11. annoymous says:

    It was said that they were unarmed…. So where did the publisher get the news of axe e.t.c??? If they were really armed it would have been seen on d video cause it would have been beside them….. No body deserves to die they way they did…. They went to collect a debt…. #fact#….. Something similar has happened to my cousin…. Where he lent sm1 300k and d boy refused paying..1 day they invited the guy over and he came, my cousin then told him that he would not allow him leave until he involves his parents and tell them he owes him…. The next day police came to the house and arrested all of them saying they kidnapped him……we spent way over more than 500k for their bail.. If it were aluu community they would have beaten and killed them that day for a crime that wasn’t commited.. aluu community is cursed…

  12. Jerry says:

    That’s bullshit, that they were cultist where were the axes and machets and guns they carried to kill their leaders, that aluu community is been robbed doesn’t give em the right to kill innocent people or at least a proof of their being guilty we didn’t see any weapon in the videos tied around their necks or stolen items on them the writer of this story is just seeking cheap publicity and I pray u don’t experience the kind of end this young men has experienced

  13. Viktor says:

    Eve Olu aka Jerry, did you not read her next post where she said that there was a better story? Did she write the news herself or didnt you see where she wrote where she sourced it from? She be reporter Abi na investigator mbok? Stop hating on her my dear and anonymous it isn't wright, it's right. Check your grammar and tenses before coming on here to spew ignorance and hate. Hater!

    • bolaji says:

      Shut up who gives a damn if its wright or right the main issue is innocent boys were murdered for an offence they didn’t commit,no guns or axe were found on them, you should find a better way to toast a woman not by saying irrelavant stuffs

  14. kenechi says:

    B4 any sentence shud b passed dey shud b detained and investigatons shud go on even it takes months to get the truth its absurd

  15. B says:

    Whether the stories are true or not, the main thing is that what these aluu people did is inhuman,barbaric,…….in short, its just senseless. Justice must prevail

  16. chicago says:

    I dont believe in bla bla bla. No one has the life of others in their hands except GOD.What is bad is bad simple. If those people were to be GOD,only em will exist cos they will even kill their families when they have a quarel. Killers !!

  17. Shile says:

    Dis is tragic….i wil say its a brutalitarian brutality of humanitarian humanism…so much humane….deirs no point talking.dis aluu village nids to be wipped out.soldeirs nid to go and level out dat community..dis scene is babaric and unGodLi..infact lugubrious..if i wuld say…neva knw pple ar filled wit so much hate in dem..ur fellow human…absurd .dats d apogee of wickednes..if i wuld say..dat community nids to be wipped out evn d innocent onces shuld suffer it.evn if dey wer cultist..dey dnt nid to be treated in such awkward manner…infact d military shuld take dis case up…and al guilty ones shuld be brought to book…dis is an illegal scene….d person dat videod dis devilish act nid to be caught and severely tortured adhered..and for d chief…wat a stupid chief…he shuld die a slow death..i rest ma case

  18. emmadex says:

    is only God knows what people doesn’t know ,::::i pray God should continue protecting us in this wicked world.

  19. Tracy says:

    Even if they stole laptops,who gave u d right to make judgements. Are u God?

  20. frances says:

    To d blogger what justifies this barbaric act?you should make sure that your source is authentic because what went on was not accepted between God and man i know what you are trying to do;to put people's mind at rest of the trauma and debacle,i hope u watched the video,ask your self as a barrister where this vigilante group suppose to kill then them like a goat?what is dis hatred on humanity? this country has law, due process on any criminal judgement,what happen to all that,what you should do is to make sure u stand against jungle in nigeria ,why do people read criminal law? because i have younger brothers and i can't imagine what this boys went through.

  21. Don C says:

    There is obviously a side of this story that we have not heard.I condemn the killing.However, if they were cultists on a hit mission, they got what they asked for.During initiation, you are clearly told "…….may the devil that temptest thee be there to protect thee" Could it be that they have killed some innocent person somewhere whose blood has been crying for justice?We are yet to hear authoritatively from the vigilante.Cusltists will be quick to defend their members but the question is "What is cultism and what are the gains?" as an undergraduate, we were fed with lies of how you get employed by belonging, laughed at for being jew men but interestingly on graduation, with a low GP I still got meployed and I remember asking one of the cultists why he was still unemployed(mine was few months into NYSC). When you join a cult you become na potential murderer and unfortunately, it has turned sour here.I am not judging them until its proven they are not cultists.I condemn the manner that they were killed but if they shed innocent somehwere before now, perhaps a poor child—what goes around comes around…………

  22. tony says:


  23. YHEINCA says:

    With tears on my face am writing this, ALUU community is caused and should be wiped off from the surface of this earth, just like God wiped of Sodom and GomaraH, this guy as just too innocent to die like a dog, we are not meant to kill our animals just like that not to talk of Human created like we look, I want all Nigeria to stand up and fight this out Justice must prevail, no matter what may have happen those Good looking GUYS should not die like that, may there soul rest in Peace

  24. stella says:

    I think about this four young boys every day since l saw the horrific video of their killing, l have not stop crying. Everyday l think about all the opportunities someone has to save these boys and nothing was done. It was very bad that they were paraded naked as if that was not enough humiliation, they were beaten and burnt. I have not been able to comprehend how someone will kill a fellow human being in this manner. The Aluu people are purely evil people and that place is definitely a caused land with the blood of those boys upon them. I don't care what these boys are accused of, they do not deserve to be beaten/killed at all. May the souls of Tekena, Lloyds, Chidiaka and Ugonna rest in God's perfect peace and May Holy Spirit comfort the parents and relatives of these boys.

  25. special says:

    Wow!taking d life’s of others in such a cruel n brutal manner its sumtin 2 react to without givin it a tot. I wish I was d president of Nigeria, I wld ve wipe dis so called insolent community out of d map of dis country n also out of d surface of d earth so dat in their next life they will learn nt 2 tk laws in2 deir hands. Pls I’m out of hear..

  26. Adeniyi says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, God is a silent george.

    The bad/evil that men do shall live with them. no be curse.

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