Q: Dear Mimmy,

My Girlfriend and I have been together for two strong years now….I love her so much. Last month, I travelled to India with my mum cos she’s been ill. It was her birthday and I asked my best friend in the whole world who is also my first cousin to take her out for me and give her as good a time as she would have had if I were with her. He did….almost as much because they both sat me down and confessed to me, that they got drunk and had sex…*my heart feels like bursting* the pain is so great. What do I do? I love them both so much but how can it ever be the same? How? Need your help….please help me overcome this awful pain…..

Azeez, Ikoyi.


A: Dear Azeez,
I feel so bad for you. This line, —-> I love them both so much but how can it ever be the same? Just touched a chord in my heart. You feel bad, sad and resentful even but still love them right? (((hugs))) See, I have always been a firm believer that people should follow their hearts, regardless of what people say or think. Because I tell you today, it isn’t that you love any of them less, it’s that your ego cannot cope with the situation.

I agree, it’s bad. But they OWNED up. Most people won’t. They’ll cover it up and act like nothing happened. Or even worse, continue behind your back. People are devious like that. After all, you weren’t there, if they had chosen to withhold the information, you’d be in the dark still. While I’m not saying you should applaud and congratulate them, you should be glad , at least, that they are honest people who love you…..truly.

I can also imagine the thoughts that are going through your head. Wondering……if they were attracted to each other all the while, if they had done it more than once, if that is how she gets after getting high, if there are other situations that you arent aware of, if she enjoyed it….more, if she confessed only because your cousin might spill the beans, if they would continue, if you could still be with her, after your cousin has had carnal knowledge of her? I know right? I feel your pain.

 If you really love her, find out the details, and judge without bias. If you think it’s something that could happen to any other person, including you, please do forgive her….and most importantly, forget. I know it isn’t easy and might seem insurmountable, but trust me, a few years from now, you’d find it funny that this was ever a big problem for you. I’m sorry. Eagerly await your response….


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  1. Inoma nonso says:

    Azeez by ur own word,u tld ur cousin 2 treat ur wife as if he is u but u 4got dat ur cousin can neva be u & wld neva be u. Accordin 2 dia story,dey wia drunk but let me ask,did dey challenged Nigeria Breweries,wia did dey sleep,in de bar,hotel or ur hauz? I tink dia is no excuse 2 de fact dat dey had sex cos i belive its intentional & let me ask again,y did ur cousin tk ur wife bak home & go bak,y did he nt call a cab 2 com pick her pick,assuming dey wia drunk like de claimed,did he drive her home himself? I wld advice u follow ur hrt sha but left 4 me,de marriage is ova.

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